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Steam Deck Mod Journal

Hi! This is where I'll be doing my entries for my Steam Deck Modding and Theme Developing Journal! I was initially thinking of just mixing it in with my usual entries at Smol.Pub, but felt like those topics should be separated. I will also be posting more pictures and screenshots and can host them here directly.
Ordered: 19th of March 2023 during the Spring Sale, with 10% off
Arrived: 24th of March 2023
Model: 64GB
MicroSD: Samsung EVOPlus 512GB

Entries will be sorted from newest to oldest, maybe split into older posts if page gets too long.


Not really modding related, but I got the Jsaux Bag for the Steam Deck which also fits the Switch in a separate compartment and I can only recommend it. High quality, sturdy, great functionality, versatile. A life saver for commute transportation. I'll get a dock and thumb grips next!


I've now set this site up and customized the first few things on the Deck today.
Software-wise, I currently set (via DeckyLoader):

Here's images of the Fullscreen & Static Background layout:

Here's images of the Cartridges Theme:

The theme sadly breaks on the Download page.


  1. Themes: I am planning to make CSS Themes for the Deck myself, but I still need some time for that. I will probably get the proper dock to make it easier to code on the PC and preview on the Deck.
  2. Cases and Skins: I don't know about cases yet; so far I haven't been a fan of any I saw. I know the vinyl sticker skins have been popular on all handhelds, but I just never see any online by other people that are applied as well as the product images of them. Always, somewhere, it is misaligned or there are creases and folds around curves. I don't really wanna ruin the look with that.
  3. Shell Replacement: I am really interested in replacing the whole shell though! So far, there's only the transparent backplate by jsaux. I think I'm gonna get that one, preferrably in gray or crystal, but I hear mixed opinions about its thermal patch, so I'll research more about that.
  4. Thumb Grips: I really need some thumb grips. I really don't like the design of basically all available cutesy ones (why are like 70% of thumb grips paw prints? why do we need 10 different versions of these and nothing else?), so I think it will be 'boring' black ones that add a bit more volume and shape to the extremely flat joysticks the Deck has

That's that for today! Of course I didn't only tinker. Me and my girlfriend have successfully tested Celeste and Star Wars Squadrons on it :)

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