My girlfriend in her Mandalorian cosplay

This page is dedicated to my loving girlfriend and one day to be wife.

I am so glad that we have met online over two years ago 🤍
She has brought so much joy, understanding, fun, hope and love into my life. She is everything I could ever ask for. I am so grateful for any time we get to spend together and that we have been able to turn this long distance relationship into living so close to eachother.

Thanks to her, I have met so many cool and kind people, got into some of my hobbies, ate great food, enjoyed amazing movies and TV series, saw interesting art and cultural artifacts, and learned a lot about anarchism and history. She's taught me a lot about kindness, patience, calmness and optimism.

I consider her my partner for life, and she has raised my standards for anyone else who might join my or our journey romantically or platonically.

I hope we get to

  • cook amazing vegan food
  • build brick sets
  • paint miniatures
  • visit museums and restaurants
  • watch Star Wars content
  • sew clothes
  • play DnD, Cthulhu, Mansions of Madness, Stardew Valley..
  • cuddle our fur baby son Filou
  • infodump to eachother
  • play Quordle and Blossom
... many more times together 🤍